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Peeling Velour

The natural way to a beautiful skin Ms. Lydia Daïnow used old practices to develop an herbal regeneration peeling more than 70 years ago. This method of treatment called "Peeling Velours” creates such a convincing improvement and restructuring of every type of skin that surgery can sometimes be avoided. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterUse our home care products for cell regeneration after a treatment session Advantages over other peelings: • Purely herbal ingredients without acids, pumice techniques or enzymes • Skin regeneration with an enjoyable massage and no machine technology • No irritation during or after treatment (and thus no subsequent skin peeling) • Our product can be applied to skin in any condition and even around the eyes Peeling Velours consists of herbal oils, herbs, pepper, algae extracts and vegetable extracts. Thanks to the properties of the purely natural components, our peeling is like a magnet. So the trained cosmetician can thoroughly remove corns and calluses, without any irritation of the still living cells, in a relaxing, regenerating massage. The capillary circulation of the blood is intensely stimulated. Cell metabolism is activated by the improvement in the supply of oxygen and nourishment. Your skin is strengthened and regenerated from inside out. Treatment areas: • Tightening treatment – especially for folds in the eye and mouth ring muscle area • Scar treatment of every kind • Treatment of hyperpigmenting • Treatment of skin stretch marks • General skin regeneration This special treatment is only offered in a trained, certified peeling velour institute!

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