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HANRA bodysugaring

Hair removal using natural products
Hair removal sugar gel based on a centuries-old tradition. This tradition was used in the Orient 2000 years ago by women. Ancient yet still very modern. The method developed by us at HANRA removes the hair along with the hair roots, gently and thoroughly. Thus there are no broken or ingrown hairs. Hair re-growth appears 90% smaller, finer and lighter in colour. Hair removal with the HANRA sugar gel is like a scrub, where dead skin cells are removed and the resulting skin is supple and looks well maintained. For skin care HANRA relies on genuine natural products.

Men and women feel comfortable in their skin
The removal of hair using the HANRA method is less painful than wax and other types of hair removal, since the HANRA sugar gel sticks to the hair and not on the skin. The HANRA sugar gel is a 100% natural Swiss product without preservatives, chemicals or resins and is completely water soluble, not tested on animals and biodegradable. The HANRA method is suitable for all skin types.


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