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Hand Treatment
Alessandro Nail Spa
Individual treatment for different nail types NAILSPA is a unique nail care range that is adapted to the varying requirements of different nail types. NAILSPA opens up a completely new world of perfect nail care as the combination of professional expertise and a multitude of active ingredient complexes has produced a unique product range with an immediately visible treatment result.

The smooth textures and fantastic scent compositions take you off to a new manicure dimension. Aromas of honey milk, marzipan and exotic fruits transform nail care into a sensual pleasure.

NAILSPA combines the traditional know-how of aromatherapy with the latest expertise in cosmetics. Agreeable essential oils and highly effective plant extracts lead to visible treatment results on nails and cuticles.
Hands up
Hands like silk

Women’s hands can captivate and seduce, caress and work. Hands are the calling card of every woman, which is why they deserve special attention.

In cooperation with experienced dermatologists different skin structures and their care requirements were identified. The corresponding results were then incorporated into the hand care products. This resulted in Hands!Up®, a hand care collection, which reacts to all of the needs and requirements of our hands – depending on age or condition of the skin.

Alongside high quality, individual natural resource mixtures, all Hands!Up® products have one thing in common – the Biopearl complex from the freshwater pearl. This active ingredient booster comprises high quality enzymes, which are proven to intensively care for and protect the skin. It’s not without reason that Hands!Up® was awarded with the Prix de Beauté as Best Hand Care Product!

Manicure classic 30 min

You will instantly have great nails.
Includes nail shaping, hand soak, cuticle care, mini-massage and polish.

Manicure Alessandro 50 min

An intensive treatment manicure that pampers the hands and arms whilst feeding the skin.
This includes soak, exfoliation, hand mask, shaping of the nails, tidying of the cuticle and is finished with a relaxing hand and arm massage.
Finish with your choice of polish.

Paraffin Wax Treatment 10 min

Add this luxurious treatment to any of your hand or feet treatments.
The warm paraffin is applied to the hand or feet, improving circulation, soothes and nourishes.


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