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Green Peel

Dr. Schrammek Herbal Green Peel

Dr. Scrammek Herbal Green Peel® is a highly effective compound of natural active ingredients containing herbs and algae and is free from chemical substances or synthetic peeling agents.

The micro-particles gently smooth away the outermost layers of the skin which enhances the circulation and metabolism of the skin and boosts oxygen supply to the individual cells. The production of new cells is now stimulated.

Outstanding Results In The Treatment Of:

» wrinkles, premature aging of the skin
» skin impurities, enlarged pores
» tired looking skin, with poor circulation
» sun-damaged skin
» skin discolouration
» striae (stretch marks from e.g. pregnancy)
» loss of elasticity of the skin on upper arms, thighs and belly
» for general skin rejuvenation and regeneration

A New Skin In 5 Days!

During the special massage with the Green Peel® comfort herbal mixture, a slight abrasion of the skin’s upper layer is achieved. The growth zone of the skin is thereby stimulated to generate healthy new cells resulting in a visible regeneration of the skin.

Contrary to other peeling methods, Green Peel® comfort contains neither chemical substances, nor synthetic abrasives, that are often harmful.

Green Peel® comfort herbs do not cause burning or tears if they come into contact with the eyes. The results achieved with Green Peel® comfort treatments may be compared with those of either chemical peelings, dermabrasion or month-long applications of Vitamin A acid (Tretinoine, Retinoic/Retinol Acid).

After the treatment has been complete, the skin circulation is visibly improved and the sensation felt is as that of a minor sunburn. After three to four days, the old skin peels off. The fifth day is the appointment day for the after care treatment .

The new skin is especially receptive to skin care products rich in active ingredients. These are applied during the session.

The new skin is not red and the complexion appears visibly improved, clearer and younger.

What Is Green Peel®?

Green Peel® is a highly effective compound of active ingredients containing hers and algae first developed by the Schrammek laboratories over 40 years ago, and continuously perfected and streamlined to the latest level of knowledge ever since. The purely plant-based* peeling formula improves the structure of the skin and enhances the renewal of skin cells.

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