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Lash Extensions at Exotique

Eyelash Extensions are all applied at TipsAndToes by Paola, and are only done after careful consideration as to the look you would like and also what your natural lashes can actually hold keeping your lashes health as our highest priority. Eyelash Extensions, Classic can be worn indefinitely without damage to your natural lashes when the appropriate care and assessment has been done. Give me a call & let me create beautiful Classic Eyelash Extensions. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Classic Eyelash Extensions 2h-$99

This is the Art of applying a single lash to your natural Lashes. A full set of Classic eyelashes is where an extension is applied to every viable lash. This will create the desired look & provide maximum lasting. Approx 2 Hrs for this application

Classic Refill - 2 weeks 30min-$35

Refill for Classic Eyelashes when 1/2 or more remaining

Classic Refill - 3 weeks 1h-$55

Refill for Classic Eyelashes when 1/2 or more remaining

Classic Refill - 4 weeks 1.5h-$70

4 week refill can be bordering on a full set depending on how many have shed and grown forward which may need removing. This will be assessed at the time of appointment. We all shed between 1 -5 Lashes daily as part of our normal eyelash growth cycle. Realistically by 4 weeks we have usually shed approximately 1/2 or more.


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